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Yes I'm a designer, but as a child I wanted to be a footballer.

I tried, I played professionally until I was 19, then I had to stop due to "force majeure".

Living in a team made me realize how important teamwork is and fighting together to achieve a goal. Fortunately I never stopped studying, when my classmates slept late in the morning, I got up early and went to class and in the afternoon I was always on time for training, every day of the week; on weekends I often studied on the bus, on the plane or in a hotel for exams while on retreat or on a business trip. This made me realize the value of sacrifice and made me who I am today.

Now I create images, set up places and plan my thoughts and those of others trying to make them something concrete.


Diploma Liceo Scientifico

Laurea Triennale
Disegno Industriale e Ambientale Università degli studi di Camerino

Laurea Magistrale
Design Comunicazione Visiva e Multimediale
Università degli studi Roma "La Sapienza"
Votazione: 110 con Lode


The James Dyson Award
year 2019
Progetto "STAY LOCK"

Software Skills

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premier


Resolume Arena



Unreal Engine


Ableton Live


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